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Design Elements
Cottage style is fast becoming the hottest home decor trend, and with good
It is relaxed and comfortable. It works with what you have and allows for a variety of styles to be incorporated.
If you have a few things that are more contemporary lines, but also have a few really nice inherited pieces, and maybe
some nice sea shells from that special trip to the beach the cottage look has "why not?" sort of approach. That is probably
why it has found so much favor lately. When going to do consultations, it has always been amazing how many people; over
the years, would apologize for having no real single style look. Many would say "well I like this" or "I collect that" then
follow it closely with "we inherited that" from a great aunt or other.
With the current economy doing a complete "over-haul" is just out of the question. The cottage look offers the solution.
The main thing here is to keep it simple. You don't want to end up with so much clutter that you really can't appreciate any
of the parts that make your cottage home a complete look.  
And one other really cool and fun feature of all this is that this style trend celebrates the great thrift store find.
In the room shown above we featured some family pieces,  some old blue glass canning jars filled with sea shells, a couple
of really neat nature touches (yes, the thing on the shelf is an old wasp nest -- vacant of course -- had it for years),  some
family pieces; like the milk glass cake plates, and McCoy Jug.
The real statement piece here is the oil of canvas painting on the shelf.
It was found in a thrift store for $ about a feel good.
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